Tiny House: Dorstenerin dreams of living in the smallest of spaces

Claudia Michaela Maria Kons is looking for a permanent parking spot for her mobile home in Dorsten. © SilkHard

A woman from Dorsten dreams of a slightly different lifestyle: she would like to settle on 20 square meters of living space. But there is no place for that in Dorsten.

There are people in Dorsten who live with very little living space. While others are building houses of more than 200 square metres, Claudia Michaela Maria Kons will be very satisfied with only 20 square metres. The Dorsten woman, who has a name in the music scene, searches for a small plot of land in Dorsten with her music partner, Akrazol Boas. She already has a home to stand on: “We have a mobile home,” she says. But there is no place for this economical and frugal form of living in Dorsten, Claudia has to say: “I asked everywhere, in the camps and with the people.” So far, to no avail.

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