PUBG: News arrives on the Netflix anime

Uday Shankar He recently became King Midas of the souls of the nation Netflix. The executive producer is actually interested in most of the animation projects related to video game franchises in development for the American company. Among these is much appreciated Castlevania, series inspired by far cryAnime Devil May Cry Who is this pubg.

And only the project dedicated to Unknown player battlefields (Announced another July) Shankar He wanted to share some updates with fans in a recent interview IGN. And while this is a small novelty, it will surely make fans happy to discover that project, according to the lyrics Shankar itself, “accelerates.”

Anime that takes place in a world pubg It is just one of many projects that will be part of the so-called Bootleg Universe from ShankarHowever, the manufacturer clarified a IGN That there will be no transitions between this series and the other series I have planned. So let’s not expect to see characters pubg immersed in the universe far cry Or vice versa.

Posted in 2017 From the editor of South Korea CraftonAnd Unknown player battlefields It was one of the first titles to fully embrace the battle royale genre, establishing itself as the ancestor of a generation of titles seen in It is an electronic game NS Call of Duty Warzone. Call of duty The most vivid example.

At the moment, no further details have been revealed about the anime series dedicated to the universe pubgHowever, the name Shankar And the success of its previous productions is enough to assure fans of the title that the game will adapt well.

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So let’s get ready: File Bootleg Universe It’s only in the beginning, and we can’t help but wait for the release Netflix From a new series of signed successes Uday Shankar.

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