Tim explains Abu Dhabi’s concession and plans to fix the Australian Open – a sports mix

ÖTV star Dominic Thiem is still long into making a comeback after the short-term cancellation of the exhibition tournament in Abu Dhabi (more info >>), but the Austrian tennis chief is confident of the Australian Open.

Tim explains in an online media: “Everything is already going according to plan. It was clear to me in advance that Abu Dhabi would be tight. I’m not in pain, but I’m still a little late in my training” on the round table.

In addition, the 28-year-old estimates that the level of the tournament in the Emirates is very high: “It is played the same as on the tour. If it had a more showy character, the decision would have been different.”

He’s been back in punching training since mid-November, but that only slowly increased from 15-20 minutes at first. “Service, backhand, shot, it’s all normal. I’m probably at 80 percent of my forehands. But that’s more than a mental block.”

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“The wrist is stronger than ever”

On the medical front, the tendon sheath rupture was healed, and this was confirmed by a final examination before leaving for Dubai, where the lower Austrian is currently preparing for the new season.

“The x-rays in Austria once again confirmed that everything has recovered well. The wrist with scar tissue is probably stronger now than ever,” says Tim, who currently plays primarily with coach Nicolas Massu.

“I haven’t played any training sets yet, which is one of the reasons why I didn’t want to play two or maybe even three sets against Murray who was in the juice.”

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Now it is important to restore confidence in the injured hand step by step. “Unfortunately, it tore me twice and I still have that in my head. I can probably pull it in 100 percent, but I can’t quite manage it yet. I have to slowly increase it, pulling more and more, thus freeing the blockage.”

Physically ‘very good together’

Since ball and racquet training has recently returned to normal proportions (currently about two and a half hours) for the reasons mentioned, there was enough time for the 2020 US Open winner to make friends with new fitness coach Jess Green. “.

“I’ve had a tough time with Jez. You don’t usually spend three months with a fitness trainer, so it was really good and intense development work,” says Tim, noting the merits of the new coach. It is a delicately designed tennis game. What distances do you cover in a match, and how long are the rallies.”

Overall, working with the new team – as well as Green, the new physics and new management (more info >>) – is very easy. “It all worked really fast because only the professionals do.”

With a glint in his eye, Tim also reported that he’s slowly had enough of Greene and his methods: “I’m really well together now and at the same time I hope to train with him less because that will mean playing more tennis.”

ATP Cup goal next stage

Tim said he had to lay off it “for long enough,” even if he suddenly made the best possible use of the available time.

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“Now I’ve had a good six months at home. Otherwise I certainly wouldn’t have had it and enjoyed it too. Because life on the tour is casual, but it’s often stressful. So the break doesn’t hurt and I just hope, I come back stronger.”

Time’s up at home for Tim anyway. Tour life now dominates everyday life once again. After another week in the desert state, the entourage continues in Australia, where it awaits the next assignments in January with the ATP Cup (January 1-9) and the Australian Open (17-30).

“The ATP Cup is the next target, but depending on the track, the 250 cc tournament in Sydney before the Australian Open could also be an issue,” the program at Down Under has not yet been decided.

However, the main goal remains constant: the first Grand Slam of the year. “Even if I didn’t have any competitive training before that, at least 100 per cent of the plan currently is to play in Melbourne. With enough practice matches in my leg, nothing should interfere with it.”

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