Australia imposes lockdowns on several regions

After an increase in new infections, Australia’s coronavirus measures have been tightened, significantly in some cases. The regional government in the greater Darwin region, in the north of the country, announced that a “total lockdown” was in effect for two days. Several people there have tested positive after a miner was suspected of contracting the infection while staying overnight in a quarantine hotel on the East Coast. Nearly 200 people are now in isolation.

Restrictions on Perth too

Authorities also ordered restrictions on the city of Perth in Western Australia. There, contact restrictions and mask requirements initially apply for three days. Previously, a woman from Perth tested positive after a trip to Sydney. In the country of about 25 million people, authorities have so far reported more than 30,000 infections. 910 people have died from the virus.

Since yesterday, the country’s largest city, Sydney, has been cordoned off for at least two weeks due to the spread of the delta type of coronavirus. More than five million people have been affected by these restrictions.

Most of Sydney’s five million residents have not been allowed to leave the city since Wednesday to prevent the virus from spreading to other areas. People are encouraged to go out only for essential tasks, medical services and exercise for the next two weeks.

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