Three questions for the blind (Finland)

We ask the participants of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 three questions about ESC. Here are the answers from Blind Channel, who are competing for Finland with their song “Dark Side” in Rotterdam.

What is your song about?

Our song “Dark Side” is about frustration and is perfectly safe for people who are angry and want to hear their voices. It’s okay to feel upset, and it’s okay to show that off.

What is your goal in ESC 2021?

Our goal is to become one of the greatest rock bands in the world. Eurovision is a chapter on our way there. Whether in competition or not, we always strive for the best. We want to draw attention and accept the challenge.

What is your first ESC memory?

I remember how my sister watched the ESC in 2006 and my Lord qualified for the final. I was wondering what kind of TV show was this. That was an epic.

(Singer and guitarist Jonas Burko replied.)

You can listen to all songs from ESC 2021 here.

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Photo: YLE / Miikka Varila

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