Thousands of gasoline without fuel. Britain will help you in crises

RHA estimates there are now faults and 100,000 trucks in the UK. There are more shortcomings, including the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit.

Lack of driving leads to a shortage of various goods, including fuel for gas stations and food for supermarkets.

The PRA consortium announced that of the 5,500 independent filling stations it represents, about two-thirds said on Sunday that the EU had nothing to sell. Others keep the walls dry and soon run out of fuel.

The British government has decided to issue 5,000 tmsnch models for trucks and more and 5,500 for rummage workers. The British Chamber of Commerce regards this move as a flaw and has put it on fire with a finger of water.

See how, after eighteen difficult masses, all these Christmases are important to us. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, who has decided to escalate the situation, said we must take these steps to ensure preparations remain on the right track. The government temporarily rejected the two at the same time, although retail and logistics companies were invited to publicize them.

The government indicated that these relations are not long-term. Reuters wrote that according to them, the team is hiring more Britons with higher salaries and better working conditions.

Dunk also shared the Guardian information that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government was considering full support for petrol deliveries by the military.

Concerns about fuel shortages at British petrol stations have lined up for several hours in recent days. Shapps, on Sunday, urged Britons to buy gasoline in the usual way. He said there is enough fuel. He added that if people only refuel when they really need it, there will be no queues and there will still be enough petrol at gas stations.

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A similar situation can be seen in the Brian Madderson PRA, according to which the cause of the current problems is short and simply shoppers in a panic. There is a lot of fuel in this country, it is in a bad place for motorists. The BBC said it was still at the stations and refineries.

According to a survey by Opinium, published by The Observer, about two-thirds voted to believe they are managing the crisis permanently. Sixty-eight percent of respondents said that Brexit was a total or walled-in mistake, but one hundred (76 percent) reported the COVID-19 pandemic in that direction. The European Union can be blamed for 48 percent of respondents.

Opposition Labor Party leader Keir Starmer has criticized the government for its inability to meet the labor shortage after the Brexit referendum. This is a complete lack of padding, he said. He added that it was expected.

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