This will be the next Windows

Although there is still more than a week left since its release, Windows 11 has already been leaked to replace the previous version used for many years.

When Windows 10 was released in 2015, Microsoft promised that it would be “the last Windows”. While the company previously made a completely new, digitized version of the operating system every few years and sold it to users and partners, they put it on after the release of Windows 10, promising that from now on (Apple OSX used by billions of people will be improved through regular updates.

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Not so long ago, it turned out that the situation had changed in Redmond, and Windows 11 would be revealed soon, in parallel with its appearance in several documents that Microsoft wanted to end support for Windows 10 sometime in 2025.

So the company is clearly planning to take a bigger step, and we can now get some insight into these changes, as an early version of Windows 11 has been leaked to the internet, so of course I’m happy — not happy about trying to figure out what’s new — even if this version certainly doesn’t yet include all What we’ll get when it comes out.

Clearer Look, Simplified Start Menu ابدأ

It’s worth noting that Microsoft previously shot the long-developed Windows 10X, which was originally designed to be released for dual-screen foldable and portable devices with a particular focus on touchscreen capabilities.

It seems that these improvements have been carried over to Windows 11, and the new system can be a combination of this and version 10, already known to all.

Source: Origo

The biggest changes may appear to everyone around the taskbar at first, because the icons are already in the middle by default, and any unnecessary items have been removed from it anyway.

However, it’s important to note that we’re getting a setting that allows icons to be rearranged to the already usual left side, and a dark mode is also available, which isn’t exactly new.

The Start menu remains one of the oldest basic elements of the Windows operating system, but it has been significantly transformed: it has become much simpler, annoying and usually unnecessary live panels disappear, and the user can replace frequently used programs.

Windows11Source: Origo

A small visual change is that while copying certain competing operating systems, Windows 11 actually has windows in most places with rounded corners, in addition to the Start menu itself. It also looks like Microsoft is bringing back support for widgets, you can probably get them from their own store, but that’s not fully working yet in the leaked version.

It also makes managing windows easier. By pressing the button, which was previously responsible for changing the window size to full screen, there are now several options that allow you to instantly fit the window to one of the edges of the screen or to any corner.

Windows11Source: Origo

In addition, the legacy of Windows 10X will definitely improve touch handling, it will be easier to “grab” different windows, and new “global” gesture control options will be added.

A new kind of development concept

What’s not new is visible in Windows 11 yet, and some things that are said to look the same as before, are due to something else. More specifically, Microsoft has been trying for some time to separate the development of the core of the operating system from the various applications built on it. In this sense, either the settings window, the search window or other elements of the interface are considered “applications”.

This was necessary to make it easier for Microsoft to release updates for these various and even more frequent items, regardless of core OS improvements, which were not planned to be renewed as part of the traditional Windows Update system, but simply from the Store as other applications.

According to the leaked news, not only the new Settings window, but also the notification interface that can be called up from the lower right corner is still outdated in Windows 11, likely due to the fact that it has not yet received the latest application update packages.

The official announcement of Windows 11 from Microsoft can be expected on June 24, then of course we will report more details.

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