Google Chrome will add copy and paste functionality to PC

A future update will allow Google Chrome to copy pasting to merge files.

The competition is raging among web browsers who will innovate with the fastest, with new practical functions for the user.

In one year, Microsoft Edge is becoming 10 times more popular Based on the same Chromium code as Google Chrome. The latter was decided recently To speed up the pace of his updates. But novelties are always there.

Support copy and paste files

Users Google Chrome On PC you’ll soon have a better copy and paste. It’s especially about managing the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V shortcut files from your computer, for example pasting a file directly as an attachment to an email message.

Hence, it will not be necessary to drag and drop between File Explorer and Browser. Great time savings.

UI changes for Android

The interface will also evolve for Chrome on Android. These changes were developed in partnership with Microsoft and should allow for better access and better management of the dark theme.

These changes should arrive in a stable release with Google Chrome release 91, the next browser update.

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