This is the blue bee in Australia that surprised its inhabitants

A new species of blue bee stunned Australia: They have a series of deep turquoise streaks all over their bodies.

Australians generally boast Solid knowledge What do they have about Endemic species From his country. Marsupials, various types of tarantulas, the most venomous snakes in the world and birds only seen in Australia are part of popular knowledge. However, prof New species of blue bees He surprised the whole country with the shadows in stripes covering his body.

How are they recognized?

This type of bee is called blue Amjela belts. The easiest way to get to know them is, without a doubt, With turquoise plus bands running across her stomach. Additionally, they feature in White fluff They have their chests on, and so are they Giant green eyes And the Bronze wingsThey look like cellophane.

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Unlike other bees, this species is solitary. They arrive From 10 to 12 mmAnd it is easy to differentiate them according to gender. Males have 5 streaks, while females only have 4 streaks They don’t produce honey.

It is a fact that They have stinging, But they were not noticed Aggressive animals. Instead, it is naturally attracted to native plants, and has a special affinity for plants. Tomato flowers.

Why are they special?

The blue bee got its name, of course, from a chain Stripes across the abdomen And the back of the body. It is a unique kind Depth and brilliance of tone That connects to these lines on the body.

These tiny insects can be seen all over the country. Less in Tasmania. Still Wild creatures, And they feed in the same way as traditional bees. Although they have inhabited the area for years, many locals are surprised by the intensity of the color when they discover their presence.

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a lot Australian plants Depend on them vaccination. For this reason, blue bees evolved to create a Pollen release strategy In flowers by strong vibrations in plant anthers, which correspond to the male reproductive organs in plants.

For this reason, it is an essential component of Australian farmers. They help to reproduce and maintain plant species in different regions of the country Australia’s ecological balance.

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