This free site like Google Stadium and GeForce Now for old games

Familiar with cloud gaming services like Google Stadium and Envidia’s GeForce Now? Piepacker is a kind of old version of it, which allows you to play in the cloud for free, without downloading anything, in a variety of nostalgic games.

If you’re feeling nostalgic about that rainy and cool weekend, a relatively new site will pummel you through the time tunnel and let you play some old games and quite a few others – for free. And yes, this is completely legal.

60 free games, and there are some Atari classics

Location Piepacker It is a kind of web gaming platform that works completely legal and allows you to play online, alone or with your friends in some kind of nice zoom chatting for gaming. Service ever started As a project on Kickstarter, which eventually became a site that exists today and is in beta.

Let’s start by saying that if you expect Piepacker to replace your monthly subscription to Playstation Plus or any other gaming service – no. However, although the range of games in it is reasonable today – with around 60 titles – it still includes some great games that will pique your nostalgia. 90’s kids can enjoy Earthworm Jim 2 or Worms World Party.

The team behind Piepacker announced this week that five atari games have been added to its platform, including Classic Pong, Asteroid, Breakout, Centipede and Missile Command. This is in addition to the aforementioned games and a few indie games that the site’s staff were able to add, including one that will thrill lupine addicts on Netflix (as the author of these lines).

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One of the most interesting and interesting things about Piepacker is the fact that the platform not only allows you to play with friends online, but if you wish – you can choose to play the old games presented to you using the keyboard or with the remote control. Can connect to a computer (if you have one). In addition, you can talk and chat with friends while playing – Discord Style.

LEGO also participates

Meanwhile, the project, which started as a campaign on Kickstarter, has become a startup and even completed $12 million in capital raising last August, with Lego’s venture arm leading the investment round. Yes, a small piece of brick is worth billions.

Firefox or Rahmana Letzlen Safari users? You are in simple trouble. The Piepacker platform, on paper, is only available to use for Google Chrome users. However, in our experience, it was also able to work smoothly on chrome-based Microsoft Edge (The one who starts stealing for Chrome users).

From my experience with the Piepacker platform, the gaming experience was not bad overall – but there is room for improvement. I think it’s relatively forgiving, given that it’s a completely free trial. Some of the games I’ve played like Earthworm Jim and Worms ran smoothly, while the classic and seemingly less “heavy” game never stopped getting stuck in a few tries I tried to get it working.

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