Stock Exchange: Europe stands in the middle of the session, in Milan (-0.14%) Leonardo race

(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor Plus) – Milan, March 10 – A choppy session of European stock exchanges which, having found the way to the highs, return to lose their height mid-session and travel on the AC. So Milan is down 0.14% and London down 0.27%, while Paris and Frankfurt are up 0.43% and 0.23%, respectively, awaiting the launch of Wall Street, as futures (those of the Nasdaq exchange are mixed lower, after yesterday’s rally at + 3.7). %.).

Investors prefer to stay in the window, waiting for indications of US inflation, with Treasury prices still being the main driver in the markets, and in light of the European Central Bank meeting tomorrow, to understand whether the institution will decide to increase the emergency pace. Bond purchase. Moreover, emergency measures continue to be taken in response to the third wave of the pandemic, the progress of vaccination plans (tomorrow’s European Union decision on a Johnson & Johnson vaccine) and economic development, as the United States prepares to give the final step – in advance of Biden’s $ 1,900 billion maximum plan. . As for stocks, Leonardo’s rally continues at Avari (+ 5.8%), following CEO Profumo’s words about the group’s future, followed by Interpump (+ 2.3%) and Campari (+ 1.55%). Below, Cnh Industrial (-2.1%) and StMicroelectronics (-1.8%), weighed down by the slowdown in the technology sector (-0.8% Euro Stoxx 600 in the sector, in the wake of Nasdaq futures). Moreover, after starting to decline by more than one point, oil is recovering, pending US stockpile data arriving at 4.30 pm in Italy: April WTI futures rose 0.19% to $ 64.13 a barrel, and Brent crude prices fell in May increased by 0.04%. To $ 67.48. On the currency, the Euro recovered slightly, and was valued at $ 1.189 (1.1881 at the beginning and 1.1894 at yesterday’s close). It was also trading at 129.375 yen (129.278 at the open and 129.5 yesterday), while the dollar traded at 108.81. Finally, the spread is stable at 100 pips, in line with yesterday’s close and above 99 pips from the open.

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