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Richard Aivazian and Marietta Terrapelian are two of the FBI’s Most Wanted. The 42- and 37-year-old tore up the government They amassed nearly $20 million and, facing a severe punishment, disappeared, leaving their children behind.

It all started with a pandemic COVID-19. When the crisis began to kick people out of work and small businesses, after much controversy, the United States decided to offer Attendance vouchers For those who need it most. What was for many a respite, For Aivazian it was a great business opportunity. Using false identities that included deceased, elderly, or exchange students who had returned to their home country, the couple pooled state aid for people in emergency situations.

Dozens of companies they built with fraudulent payroll and tax returns joined this initial plan. According to the newspaper Los Angeles TimesRichard summoned the others to participate in the scam, and in this way, they got close to it 150 loan applications.

Richard Evazian accused of fraud. (Los Angeles Times).

With the money in hand, the family’s life took a 180-degree turn: they invested the millions raised in it. Jewelry, fine watches, gold coins, real estate in California’s most exclusive neighborhoodAnd designer things and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. His “new rich” position sparked alarm and it was only a matter of time until authorities began investigating his situation.

Marietta Terrapelian leaves court in Los Angeles.  (Los Angeles Times).
Marietta Terrapelian leaves court in Los Angeles. (Los Angeles Times).

Investigations led to His palace was stormed for $3.25 million. Only two months later – more precisely, in June of this year – the couple were convicted before the courts. But when the judge made the verdict, they were just there to listen to it His three children aged 13, 15 and 16 Since then, one night in August, His parents disappeared. “One day we will be back together,” they wrote in a letter. which they left on the bed before escaping.

Pictures of the raid on the palace.  (Los Angeles Times).
Pictures of the raid on the palace. (Los Angeles Times).

Although the most accepted theory is that Aivazian escaped, a second possibility has been discussed, put forward by Richard’s lawyer, Ashwin c. Archerwho said it They were kidnapped by one of their collaborators And to bid farewell to their children planted. The lawyer insisted on his version, but It was dismissed by the judge in charge of the case who confirmed, after receiving the notice that the couple had processed an emergency application for passports for the three children, that their escape plan was clear.

Police forces raided the couple's palace.  (Los Angeles Times).
Police forces raided the couple’s palace. (Los Angeles Times).

at present, The FBI continues its search and offers a reward of $10,000 For any information about the whereabouts of the scammers.

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