Mission Impossible 4: Finland is the next hurdle – the national teams

Assistant coach Fabio Armani gives instructions to Phil Petronero. © APA / afp / GINTS IVUSKANS

In a sense, Italy makes its own movie at the World Ice Hockey Championship in Riga (Latvia). On Thursday, Daniel Frank & Co. has a fourth “Mission Impossible” in front of their noses when they meet the world champion.

Although Italy tops the bottom of the Group B table with 0 points and the worst goal difference, the Blue team has so far presented itself correctly: Germany gave Azuri four goals, against Latvia the hope of scoring a point that lives to the last minute. . Only against Norway did Italy not exhaust its full potential and somewhat surrendered without protection of its fate. Although these matches are difficult, the obstacle will be lifted several times on Thursday when the Azores face Finland.

The Scandinavians after two victories over the United States and Norway and a surprise defeat after a penalty shootout against Kazakhstan with seven points. The victory over the Azzurri was planned so that there would be no doubts about the quarter-finals. To make this work a success, the Finns trust the superlative talent, Anton Lundel. The 19-year-old was pulled down to 12th in the NHL draft last year, and is traded as an upcoming superstar and has already scored two goals in his first three World Cup matches. His Italian counterpart in terms of championship performance to date is undoubtedly Justin Fazio. Despite scoring the nine goals against Germany, the HCB goalkeeper is fighting a very strong World Cup.

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Trevellato and Gander are about to return

The Italian-Canadian was supposed to drive the mighty and technically skilled Finns to despair and thus keep his team in the game. However, contemplating success against a dominant opponent would be hypothetical – even if it were With Alex Trivellato and Markus Gander, two Pillars are likely to return to the lineup. However, defender Thomas Larkin, goalkeeper Jake Smith and coach Greg Ireland remained positive, making participation in the World Cup increasingly unlikely. The match against Finland starts on Thursday at 7:15 pm and will be played News Sports Accompanied by the live tape.


POS. Earth Toys points
1. Germany 3 9
2. Latvia 3 7
3. Finland 3 7
4. United States of America 3 6
5. Kazakhstan 3 4
6. Norway 3 3
7. Canada 3
8. Italy 3

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