Venezuela. The local elections will be a great celebration of democracy

More than 21 million citizens were called to the polls on Sunday to elect 23 governors, 335 mayors, 253 deputies and 2,471 councilors. Nearly 70,000 candidates from all political forces in the South American country participate, including 37 national political parties and 43 regional organizations. However, CNE reported that the telecommunications network was screened for transmission of election results (Phase One) on Friday for the elections to be held tomorrow, Sunday. In a series of messages posted on his official Twitter account, he explained that this exercise “has witnessed the participation of political auditors, Cne technicians, representatives of telecom companies (external suppliers), members of election monitoring NGOs and international observers.” The Electoral Institute specified that “it should be noted that the results transmission network does not use the Internet as a communication channel, but an exclusive and encrypted network for the electoral event.” He stressed that all the operations carried out were certified by technicians of the political organizations PSUV, MUD, MAS, PPT, UNT and Compa.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has denounced that the US State Department is “conspiring” against the local elections to be held on Sunday (November 21st). After urging all candidates to ‚Äúparticipate in a fair manner and respect the results to be announced by the National Electoral Council (CNE). Yesterday, the news portal Aporrea reported, Maduro claimed that “a foreign ministry official has already interfered with statements against free and sovereign elections in Venezuela.”

Referring to the statements of the US Under Secretary of State for Americas Affairs, Kevin O’Reilly, the head of state emphasized that “it is sad, and shameful, that it is proposed to interfere in our internal affairs by delegitimizing the ongoing elections. It is ready.”

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Speaking at a virtual conference of the Atlantic Council, O’Reilly said Venezuela’s Sunday election date does not meet the conditions for a “fair and free” vote. After confirming that “the United States will support efforts to restore democracy to Venezuela,” the US government official explained that “the regime manipulated the electoral lists, and without reason or justification prevented some opposition candidates from running for public office and creating problems for others.”

In Venezuela, the United States – with the support of its satellite countries, the Catholic hierarchy, almost all the media falling into the hands of large economic groupings, with subversion in the distribution of food, medicine and other basic necessities – was and so on. The goal is still to carry out a coup as happened in 1979 in Nicaragua or as is the case today in Libya and Syria.

All to get the largest oil reserves and thus be able to continue consuming oil without brakes. The largest country in the RAG is the Empire of the United States, which after the collapse of the Soviet Union claims to control the entire planet.

In the style of all sons of bitches, he who does not indulge his arrogance is first slandered with propaganda, then economically isolated and boycotted, and finally attacked militarily.


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