They spend 13 years in prison for subjugating cell phone stolen Version

The El Piedrigal County Criminal Prosecutor’s Office secured a thirteen years and four-month prison sentence against Dante Alata Coya for stealing a cell phone from a minor under the age of 17.

Deputy Regional Prosecutor, Madeline Zumi Kissby CondoreThe accusation against Alata Quea In addition, he obtained a civil compensation of 1,800 SYP, which the convict must pay in favor of the injured party.

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The public prosecutor has proven in court that the accused, The night of July 30 last yearShe acted violently by grabbing the injured minor by her neck, threatening her and then taking her cell phone from her wallet, causing injuries to her leg before fleeing.

Through psychological experience that was conducted on the minor, the instability, problems of concentration and fear resulting from the theft she was exposed to were revealed. Likewise, the Public Prosecution And she confirmed that Alata Quea has an echo with two previous sentences. With this third, he would stay in prison even November 29, 2033.

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