Merry Christmas from the editorial team at!

Best wishes for a Merry and Peaceful Birthday from all of us! Happy birthday!

And so we got to Christmas, in a special year, strange, difficult, it’s an understatement … At the table, tonight, maybe we’re less than usual, maybe technology is more heroic than it really is every day allowing us to feel that people are physically far away up close. .

What can I say, let’s also take this Christmas as a way to dismiss the fears that occurred during the year 2020, the fears and doubts that none of us expected to experience first-hand, with the hope that the new year will be better than it is. Preparing for completion. Objectively speaking, let’s face it, it takes very little to do a better job.

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Best Christmas wishes and … at least on the table, leave your cell phones in the corner!

Happy birthday

As, we started only three months ago, one day or more or less, and our greatest satisfaction is to actually hack the smartphone, because in the heart it seems excessive, to thousands and thousands of readers who every day follow us for updates, news and curiosity.

So it seems right for us, today at least, to go against our own interests and to extend (and extend) an invitation from friends; It will be a strange birthday, it might be different from all the others, but for this very reason we will remember it for years to come. And then you know it’s there, let’s do this: Archive ritual messages, video calls, and permanent objects. “for you and your family“ And so, let’s put smartphones in the corner and totally enjoy the (few) people with whom we’ll be sharing the holidays.

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All of you best wishes from the editorial team at!

Happy birthday!

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