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It is one of the most downloaded apps ever. Its users found it the perfect tool for communicating with their users. Although the company announced that it was implementing its new privacy and publicity policies, a group of people decided to stay so they could chat with whoever they wanted. Today we will teach you how to find out if someone deleted you from WhatsApp.

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Although a cell phone number is necessary to be able to speak with anyone in the world, there are a variety of details that some would like to know, for example, it is actually possible to know in detail who deleted you from the application.

This is not a ploy to see if he has blocked you. When someone removes you as a contact from , Some information will be hidden and you will not be able to access it unless you are added again.

How do you know who removed me from WhatsApp

There are several ways to verify this in detail :

  • status: It’s the first thing you should notice when someone turns you away . If this person decides that only his scheduled friends can see the status of the app, and if you don’t monitor it, that means he deleted your cell phone number.
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Do you think your friend on WhatsApp deleted you from the app? Get to know him with this trick. (Image: Mag)
  • personal picture: Another detail that you should know is that WhatsApp is now configuring a default so that all users only display their profile picture for the people you have selected on your cell phone. So if that friend, coworker, or family member doesn’t have a profile picture, that means they removed you from their contacts.
  • Last call time: This can be several. Anyone can choose whether to display this information to only their friends or to all contacts. In the case of your first choice, if he removes you from his agenda, this means that you will not be able to see him normally.

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