Facebook and Apple are waging open war

The skies are fraught between Facebook and Apple. When announcing record financial results, CEOs exchanged small, pungent words. “If the company is based on deceiving users, on exploiting personal data, and on choices that are not, then it is not commendable, then it deserves to be fixed.” Tim Cook, president of Apple, in a veiled reference to Facebook, kicked off Thursday January 28th for a conference in Brussels on protecting privacy. “We have a lot of competitors who make misleading statements about privacy.” Mark Zuckerberg denounced, During the presentation of Facebook results at the end of January. The founder of the social network accused Apple of demonstrating “Work for the good of the people”, While the company “It only serves its interests”.

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These verbal duels are in the process of being associated with the judiciary, according to an article on the site the information Posted Thursday, January 28, Facebook is considering filing an antitrust complaint accusing Apple of imposing rules on developers in its App Store, which its own services do not respect. In France, the competition authority will meet on February 10 to examine a complaint filed against Apple by four major advertising players, Udecam, IAB, MMA and SRI. The latter considers the new iPhone environment update, iOS14, to be unfair, which, as of spring, will limit ad targeting. This argument was echoed by Facebook.

A controversial novelty

The disagreement between the device maker and the social network is not new. Early in 2018, Tim Cook dared to criticize Mark Zuckerberg, in the midst of the Cambridge Analytica scandal over the misuse of millions of Facebook profiles during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Since then, Apple has continued to emerge as an advocate of privacy protection. Facebook, in turn, has often portrayed the high-end hardware maker as an elite company. And since this summer, he has launched a campaign against iOS14.

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Two letters collided. As for Tim Cook, when it comes to data, it’s time to say it “What will and will not be tolerated.” In Brussels, he praised the controversial novelty of iOS14, called App Tracking Transparency (ATT): “From now on, users will have their say”, Confirmed. Indeed, for any app that wants to share information with third parties, Apple will display a screen asking the user for their consent. “Many will answer no” Mr. Cook admitted. Before calling to vote “Privacy laws, in the United States but also worldwide.”

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