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a An Australian couple He was arrested in Melbourne After a immigrant Who wanted to bring money to his family. Little I worked 7 days a week He slept only one hour at night.

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The news was spread through the local press. This reported that according to the opinion of the Melbourne court, the foreigner had arrived Australia Through deception on the part of their captors.

Since 2004 this woman has stayed in this country Two periods of six months, Back in 2007 with a rack Visa de Turista One month validity. At the end of the period, he stayed at the home of his future captors “with full knowledge and complicity” that he would continue to work with them despite the lack of legal documents.

However, over time, he emigrated from India They began to be treated with abuse and abuse That was added to the salary the court indicated that it is not stable. This oscillates between 50 MXN per day.

according to The woman was illiterateShe was assigned tasks such as washing, caring for the children, cleaning the house and cooking, but was beaten and wounded on several occasions with boiling water and knives.

Accordingly, the defendants were accused of controlling women and depriving them of their rights and freedoms, in addition to noting that in 2015 the woman was transferred to the hospital in a state of emaciation and force. Sepsis.

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According to the attorney general, the couple wanted to import a “tested and verified servant” knowing the lack of labor rights they might be offering, so they hoped to bridge this de facto gap with residing in the country and in a “big house”.

Although both people have denied the charge, the trial that began in February 2021 will continue until a solution is found.

With information from Daily Mail / MSN

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