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The First Dogs champion and pioneer moves to the White House

Soon after the new US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill, the couple’s Sunday dogs, The hero and the pioneerGo to the White House. Apparently, without any acclimatization problems, the German Shepherds wandered in the lawn of their new residence, as the photos released by the White House showed. The “first dogs” have not lived in the White House since the end of Barack Obama’s presidency.

“Champ is enjoying his new dog’s bed by the fireplace and the Major loves to run in the South Lawn,” a spokesperson for First Lady Michael LaRosa told CNN Monday. Champ has been with Biden and wife Jill since 2008. Biden took the leading German Shepherd from the animal shelter in 2018. The Biden team said it was the White House’s first shelter dog.

The two four-legged friends were the first pet in the White House in four years. While former President Obama kept the Portuguese water dog Bo and his predecessor George W. Bush owned a Scottish terrier named Barney, Donald Trump broke this animal tradition. He was the first president of the United States in more than a century without a dog.

The former president is considered a meticulous hygiene fanatic: “What would it look like if I walked a dog across the White House lawn,” Trump frowned in a video. Biden also used it on the campaign website, which continued to read, “Choose your people carefully.” (AFP)

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