Regional Corporate Assistance Agency

For the author, it is a very promising and perfectly acceptable path.

In this regard, we intend to present two proposals for public discussion, necessarily in the form of a jeweler, the first relating to the tools of possible interventions by means of the financial value Approx the financial valueAnd the second for the assumption of the institutional structure of the operational translation “management” of this goal.

By limiting the field to the world of LLCs, we deem it appropriate to introduce some possible corrections regarding the “collection” system by LLCs. Not only is it a subset of much greater quantitative importance than that of a spa, but, above all, it constitutes a common form of election for most SMEs.

In this perspective, a review of art. 2483 of the Civil Code with the aim of harmonizing the characteristics of the debt instruments envisioned in it with those of bond loans to joint stock companies as well as providing the possibility (discussed today) to issue approximately the financial value In the form of “shares” with a limited vote, on the share provisions model in accordance with Articles 2346, 2348 and 2350 of the Civil Code.

As for the Judgment Institutionally for directing investments and selecting deserving companies, we believe that an agency should be built on a regional basis, for example to be formed by the network of chambers of commerce located on the national territory. The Sba (Small Business Administration) and Sbic (Small Business Investment Company) programs in the United States represent important precedents from which useful insights can be drawn in this regard.

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