There will be more snowy days, and winter tires alone will not suffice


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15.02.2021. 20:46 – 15.02.2021. 21:13

When you get into your car, you will probably first quickly check whether you brought your driver’s license and traffic license, and if your mobile phone is present, fasten your seat belt and you are ready to go. However, to be safe in your car in winter conditions it is important to check a few other things

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First of all, it is important that your car is in good condition and have winter tires. In addition, it is important to have chains in the car that are necessary for driving in certain sections, and it is also wise to always have the anti-freeze in place.

This is most essential for a safe ride in winter conditions, but there are some other things that will be of great use to you on icy days.

External phone charger

You don’t want to see a horror movie scene and get stuck in the snow in nowhere, your cell phone battery is 1%. That is why it is wise to always keep an external mobile phone charger in the car, which will help you in such situations and the like.

Ice scraper

When the car is parked outside, painted red, there is a good chance that a layer of ice will welcome you onto the windshield. In this case, a snow scraper would be very useful to quickly clean glass, lights, and mirrors before you go.


If you get stuck somewhere, whether in snow or mud, you definitely want to have a shovel on hand. With it, you can remove snow or mud around the tires or, as appropriate, add more snow and improve tire grip.

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Of course, you don’t have to carry a large shovel in the car, there is also a smaller shovel that can be folded and thus take up little space in the car.


You definitely haven’t considered carrying a bag of sand in your car, but it would be wise to keep it in the trunk of your car. Specifically, when it is stuck in snow or ice, pouring sand around the tires can help the tires hold better and give them the friction they need to start the car.


Not only will it be very useful if you need to get out of the car in the dark and check something in the trunk or under the hood, but you will also be safer because you will be more visible to other drivers.

Blankets and warm clothes

If you go anywhere by car, you probably aren’t wearing very warm clothes, bearing in mind that you don’t need thicker clothes to get from the car to the apartment or work. However, if you find yourself in the embarrassing situation of being stuck somewhere in the snow, warm clothing will definitely come in handy.

So it’s not a bad thing to pack a blanket, a few warm sweaters, socks, and waterproof shoes in the trunk of your car.

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