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By a new fake app. Cybersecurity firm ESET has reported an app that promises to help cryptocurrency mining. What was not reported is that it contains a virus that enters the computer, steals personal information, and spies on users.

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Through a press conference, the company provided details about this malware. By entering through this hacking app, users are promised to mine Safemoon cryptocurrency. However, it is possible to enter the phone and infect it.

About the virus that infects smartphones and steals information

It is important to note that the distribution of this application was developed by a group of hackers. What they seek is to attract people who are interested in cryptocurrency and have no knowledge or experience in this field.

The way you reach your users is through the Discord app. Inside the platform, criminals are using fake official accounts. With them, they published a supposed update for Safemoon using an app.

The virus is masquerading as the Safemoon crypto-mining app. | Photo: Savimon

There they show us a link with a different spelling from the original. Once clicked, it redirects the person to a replica of the Safemoon website. They reveal a download link for an app that is a Remote Administration Tool (RAT). With that, he defended the virus to enter the device.

What does malware do on a smartphone?

Once the virus reaches your cell phone, the hacker can get hold of your personal data. In this case, access browsers such as Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. Besides, it can also capture microphone audio and file download information.

According to ESET, this virus is classified as a Trojan horse. At first glance, it seems harmless, but it accesses the permissions of your computer and leaves no traces.

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