The world’s leading countries spend public money on sports

But only Russia is responsible

The Ministries of Sports, Armed Forces, Home Affairs, and Associations are actively investing money to build a backup team, maintain sports teams and support strong athletes. Australia, the United States, Germany, Italy and France have seen this … Read details in Realnoe Vremya’s report.

In Australia, the country is investing in the National Institute of Sport

This year the Australian Institute of Sport is 40 years old. Basketball and football opened in Canberra in 1981 and has become a favorite among eight major sports. Support for the men’s water polo game began in 1984. In 1989 they played volleyball.

The development of the National Youth League began in 1984. Initially, the teams were made up of citizens who played in it – Croats, Macedonians, Italians, Greeks, Hungarians … Sydney Croatia (Pape, Kalash, Milic, Muric, Popovi), Preston Macedonia (Luzanovsky) ), Markovsky, Spassevsky and Stoichevsky (Trayanovsky, Trebevsky), Melbourne Croatia (Vidoca, Cilic, Horvat, Euric), Perth Italy (Carboni and Matasa), Greek west Adelaide Hellas, South Melbourne Hellas, Hungarian St. George. Australian football was similar to Soviet football in this respect.

Seven years later, in 1991, Australia finished fourth in the FIFA U-20 World Cup in Portugal. Portugal (Rio Costa, Joao Pinto, Figo, Xavier) defeated Brazil (Jerry, Roberto Carlos, Elber) on penalties, while the Soviet U-20s defeated Australia in the third-place match. Even in penalties. In addition, the Australians won our team in the group stage and finished first. This surprised the Soviet fans so much that they did not even suspect that the Green Continent had strong footballers. Nobody in the Soviet Union’s youth team ended up becoming a great footballer. The fate of three of them was tragic. Valery Minko lost his kidney at the age of 22, Sergey Sherpakov was paralyzed at the age of 23, and Sergey Mamchur died when he was 25 years old …

This year the Australian Institute of Sport is 40 years old. Basketball and football opened in Canberra in 1981 and has become a favorite among eight major sports. Photo:

Two years later, the Australians again finished fourth in the FIFA U-20 World Cup, and the Institute of Sports representative – Craig Moore – made his debut with their team. He started playing in Brisbane while winning a scholarship at the Athletic Institute in 1988 when he was only 13 and moved to Canberra.

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Nevertheless, the institute began to fully train national team players with the Olympic Games it hosted on Sydney soil in 2000 when its alumni, who trained on young footballers, formed half of the team. They are Platsis, Bresciano, Grilla, Zelic, Colosimo, LeBot, Neil, Turnbull, Corsega, and Emerton. By the way, when Australia entered the international stage, it refused to name its teams according to their nationality. Sidney Croatia changed to Sydney FC, Melbourne Croatia – in Knights Preston Macedonia became Lions.

Progress in basketball and especially women’s basketball can be explained by studying at the Sports Institute. The team was founded in 1981 in the first year of the institute. The national championship was created at the same time. At first, the institute team played the “girls to win” role because the athletes were so young. When Australia won the gold medal at the World Championships for the first time in its history in 1994, the band included the institute’s students – Carla Boyd, Michael Brogan, Sandy Brundillo, Fiona Robinson, Shelley Sandy, Jenny Wheatley and Michael Chandler. In addition, the institute has raised students and generously distributed them to the participating teams, securing the first goal of the National Championship only in 1999 thanks to 18-year-old Christine Weil, Lauren Jackson, Belinda Snell, Penny Taylor and 19.-. Year of Susie Batkovitch. Year. They were just college students and then became the basketball stars of the world. It’s a unique case when a very young team wins the Senior Citizen Championship … Excessive generosity created a situation where the team continued to build strong players but stopped achieving serious results in the tournament and in 2012 it was disbanded.

Incidentally, fans of UNISC BC should remember Nathan Guay, a student at Men’s Sports Academy who was not a professional.

UNISC BC fans must remember Nathan Guay, student at Men’s Sports Academy. Photo:

Volleyball and hockey in the USA

To ensure public funding for sports in the United States, we must remind you that in preparation for the 1984 Olympics at home, Americans accepted the best male and female volleyball players from university teams into the national team. We do not have to limit the presence of these national teams thanks to public funds.

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The Americans promoted junior hockey the same way 20 years later. There was no point doing this sooner because the Junior and Junior tournaments had different plans. The World U-20 Championship was immediately a world championship, while the U-18 Championship had existed since the European Championship and the first World Championship was not held until 1999. So the American College Championship lasted for a long time, and the national team was formed for both the Youth Championships and the Olympic Games. . They began forming national teams in 1972 with the help of students from the Olympic Games (the NCAA opened in 1971), while former Olympic teams consisted of players from USHL, a junior association established in 1961.

USNDB Juniors, an American junior team made up of players under the age of 18, entered this league in 1999. The teams were based in Ann Arbor, now in Plymouth. In addition, the American hockey company responsible for developing the project bought an ice rink. The project itself was designed to accomplish a number of complex tasks: to attract players to a “institute” for national teams, while hockey players had to go directly to the NCAA to receive scholarships to study at university, to join hockey or the NHL. Play professionally.

College sports is central to the success of the US and Canadian national teams. Photo:

By the way, college sports are the basis of the success of the national teams of the United States of America and Canada, as well as South Korea and Japan, where university teams participate in state championships and their players form the skeleton of the tournament. National team (volleyball, water polo, handball, ice hockey).

Iran has improved in football and volleyball in recent years. This happens because the Naft MIS, Naft Tehran and Sanat Naft teams started producing oil under the auspices of public companies. Tractor system sponsored by the Tractor Sazi team. Aluminum, metal, textile and energy companies are involved in the development of Iranian sports. The Paykan Sports Club car company, which has a soccer and volleyball team with coach Valerio Vermigelo, is remembered by fans for his performance at Zenit Kazan.

“New Italian Citizens”, The French Post and Military Service

This week, Dynamo Ac Bars volleyball players lost to Sara Bonifacio to Italy’s Novara. She and many of the other “new Italian citizens” (Bulgarian Ophelia Malinov, Slovenian Tatiana Fuchka, African-born Valentina Diov, Maryam Sylla, Silvia Nakalur, Nkimdelem Inonu, and others) grew up in Club Italia. Busto Arsizio was created with a good aim to train talented young volleyball players for Italy. Famous Argentine coach Julio Velasco who trained in Italy and Poland and they have such guys too, but the men’s team in Spala had the idea.

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Volleyball in Germany is supported on a national level. In Berlin there are two teams called Olympia (men and women) – a federal base for training players of the national team. In addition, the men’s and women’s team qualified for the European Cups. By the way, one should not confuse the Olympic Games with the Berlin Recycling Games and Sergey Grankin. Next week, they have to face Zenit Kazan in the Champions League, where the Olympians, in agreement with the National Confederation, have to play with the second team and without foreigners.

Volleyball in Germany is supported on a national level. Photo:

The French have established the National Volleyball Center in Montpellier since 1983, when the local team led by Eric Daniel was just emerging among the leaders of world volleyball. Over time he became the center chief whose team appeared in state championships with varying degrees of success. It has the best French players under the age of 21.

The same Federal Center is responsible for developing basketball in France (women’s basketball is funded by the association) and the National Institute for Sport, Experience and Performance (INSEP), where men’s basketball is supported by the local Ministry of Sports and Youth.

Public support in Germany, Italy, France, and Austria attract athletes from regular sports to serve in the military. For example, among the Italian police officers there are many athletes from the national biathlon, ski and bobsleigh teams. The same story takes place in the German Federation. Even Ukrainian Alyona Sachenko, who became an Olympic champion in figure skating, spoke about her “service” in the army, thanks to which she was able to practice her favorite sport.

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