The world’s first famine due to climate change may occur in Madagascar

The drought has continued for several months. According to the coordinator of the United Nations Program in Madagascar Issa Sanogo, hundreds of thousands of people are at risk.

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Drought affects 3 million people

The worst situation is in the two southern regions of the country. Three million people suffer from the effects of dehydration. Thus, in the city of Amboasari-Itsima, 75% of the population is already malnourished. 14,000 are actually starving.

The problem of local agriculture is not only in the lack of precipitation, but also in strong sandstorms. After all, sand spoils the fertility of the soil.

Forcing people to beg

In June, representatives of the United Nations mission visited the affected areas. People said they were forced to leave their homes in search of food. They ate cactus flowers and locusts. Children are forced to beg, and food prices have risen sharply.

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Poor infrastructure hinders the delivery of humanitarian aid. At the beginning of the year, $40 million was donated to the country, helping 800,000 people. However, the drought does not stop, so these funds are exhausted.

How many people are starving in the world?

NS data The United Nations, 41 million people are on the brink of starvation in the world, while in 2019 there were 27 million. And in Madagascar, as well as in Ethiopia, South Sudan and Yemen, 584,000 people are already suffering from hunger.

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