The withdrawal from the US Department of Defense (the Pentagon) from US embassies raises concerns about ceding the field to global opponents

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon has quietly begun withdrawing top military officers from US embassies in Africa and demoting other similar posts around the world, a move officials say is necessary to divert resources to confront China and Russia on the geopolitical stage and meet the Congressional cap on the number. Generals and Admirals in the US Army.

Defense Attaché, the top military representative of the United States in American diplomatic posts, has been demoted in eight major allied countries – including the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia – according to an August 24 order signed by Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.

Meanwhile, the attachés have been withdrawn entirely from many embassies in West Africa, where the governments are located Fight the powerful Islamic insurgencies Officials familiar with the matter said they were linked to the Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

U.S. defense attaches oversee the U.S. training of foreign militaries, gather intelligence, and help arrange arms sales. Coordination of US military assets in the event of humanitarian disasters or other emergencies.

While the number of individuals involved is relatively small, attachés are an essential part of American outreach abroad, particularly in countries where the local military plays a large role in government and politics.

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