The Witcher, Season 2 of the Netflix Series Presents Wild Hunt?

The second season of The Witcher is still in the filming phase, and new photos appear to be arriving from the set anticipating the arrival of a popular cast of characters from the franchise: Wild Hunt.

Some images appeared on the web today, and they seem to come from a batch of The second season of The Witcher, Aroused the minds of fans of the saga.

Also according to Comicbook and Redanian Intelligence, it is, in fact, in the second season of the popular Netflix series The characters known as The Wild Hunt must make their debutSomewhat intimidating individuals who can boast of dangerous armor, dangerous weapons, and dark horses that give them a somewhat frightening appearance.

In video games the magician, They come to play the main antagonists, but according to Redanian Intelligence, which would have confirmed not only the affiliation of the group set up at Staunton Beach, in Devon, to the series. NetflixBut also the identity of the characters in question, it is not yet known what significance they will be in the next season.

However, The unit on site appears to be relatively young to accompany some great shots like last fall, So it is thought that although they will continue for tomorrow, it should not be about something that will have a lot of space in the upcoming episodes. However, that doesn’t mean that Season 3 of The Witcher can focus more on The Wild Hunt …

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