Facebook, censorship board decides Trump’s fate on social media

The oversight board, the panel of outside experts, will have to decide whether to expel the former president of the United States from the rostrum forever.

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The social networking site Facebook The decision on the supervisory board, and its independent supervisory body, is entrusted to An indefinite suspension From Facebook e Instagram account Former President of the United States Donald Trump.

The oversight board is a committee made up of experts from around the world, outside of Menlo Park, with authority Imposing binding decisions Regarding blocking content on Facebook.

After the first “light” cases that were decided and still awaiting judgment, Facebook has mandated a much more thorny decision to rule the forum, which is the choice of whether or not Make Donald Trump’s dismissal permanent From her social networks.

After the Capitol uprising, he chose Facebook, like Twitter Comment indefinitely Accounts of the former president. In doing so, he specified that Trump would not be able to access his accounts while he was still in office, without removing the blocking duration buttons.

Nick Clegg, Facebook’s vice president for global affairs, wrote in Prof. Blog post That the social network considers it important that the forum Consider the case and reach an independent judgment.

The Supervisory Board also discusses the issue, Donald Trump’s accounts will remain suspended. The supervisory body will also be mandated to provide recommendations and comments on how to deal with a future political leader’s account ban.

Stop Parler’s Allure

Meanwhile, once again regarding the “digital” consequences of the events of January 6, a federal judge refused Appeal submitted by Parler app Against amazon After its cloud service, Amazon Web Services, took it offline According to the court, the evidence presented by lawyers for the controversial conservative social network is insufficient.

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