The video records a huge rats infestation in grain fields in Australia

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They weren’t tens or hundreds, the truth is, the mice that went out en masse in Amazing video in NSW fields, In Australia, an epidemic that baffled and terrified farmers and their families who saw these animals roaming quickly over grain crops.

The video reflects this in practice There was no place these rodents would not roam. Even the tents that protected some places were unable to escape the plague because it was moving ceaselessly across the fields.

“In the evening Earth moves by thousands and thousands of mice Farmer Ron McKay told Australian television network ABC.

The same media reported that supermarkets in the Geljandra area had to store all foodstuffs in sealed containers, while there was a report of at least two people bitten by these animals.

“Can you imagine that every time you open a cupboard or every time you go to the pantry, there are mice? They eat from your food containersThey’re spoiling your clean bed in your wardrobe, they’re running all over your bed at night.Rodent expert Steve Henry said.

Experts assure that one of the causes of this plague is the influence of water, so many hope for this The arrival of rain can scare away mice.

So far, and apparently in the video, the trap program for this type of animal has not appeared as expected, while it is estimated in the local press that two of these rodents can breed up to 500 offspring per season.


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