The US has maintained military bases in Europe for confrontation with Russia – Rambler / Finance

The bases of the US armed forces in Germany and Belgium were to be transferred to the local army, but the Americans refused to leave the facilities, hiding behind the Russian factor, the Washington Times wrote.

The United States refused to leave the military bases in the European Union because of Russia

Several years ago, officials in Washington considered reducing the US military presence in Europe. The idea, in particular, was endorsed by then-President of the White House, Donald Trump, but the idea was never implemented, leading “PolitrusAmerican edition article.

According to media reports, the Pentagon retained control of six military bases in Europe to counter Russia. Military installations were located in Germany and Belgium. They “should have been transferred to the host countries,” but Washington revised its position.

“In 2018, escalating tensions in Europe prompted the Pentagon to begin reassessing remaining facilities in the region, even as President Trump lobbied for a scaled down of the U.S. military presence on the continent,” the Washington Times said.

As a result, the US military continues to use facilities in Europe to this day in the event of a large-scale conflict. Now in one of the German bases there are more than 800 armored vehicles that the Pentagon can use at any time.

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