The US adds the “X” gender to its passport for non-binary people

throughout his childhood, Dana Zazim He was seen and treated as a man. However, this did not define him, so over the years he has sought to define himself as he really is: part of non-binary.

For this purpose, in 2015 he tried to change his passport, so that it does not indicate his passport genderBut it didn’t work. The US authorities asked him as a prerequisite Choose the gender.

But today, after many years of fighting and waiting, Dana has obtained what she so longed for, a passport that allows her Specify As someone who doesn’t even belong to a gender masculine ni al feminine, to become the first person United State In the presence of this possibility.

With this, from now on, your cards will appear “X” instead of “M” or “F”, an option that, in addition to Dana, all Americans are identified as non-binary, or gender, they will be able to choose between 2022, according to county administration.

According to data released last June by Williams Institute, There are currently 1.2 million people in the United States LGBT community identified as non-binary, 11 percent of which are adults.

In this regard, Shell Josui, national coordinator of gay youth from yag mexico, the organization responsible for promoting, protecting and guaranteeing human rights From the LGBT community, he shared that this new US mandate is something to celebrate, as it is another step towards the advancement of their rights grab.

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“As non-binary people, it is very important for the United States to join these countries that provide us with some identity documents (…) This means progress, and we are calling on all governments to make this kind of change and to move closer to a society organized civil society“, Confirms.

NS CoincidenceAlthough the step taken in the neighboring country is worth appreciating, as it gives them greater insight, it is also important that you deal with them with the new passport to see what they need or what could be to make it better.

“Although this represents progress, we must talk about how important it is to be able to make ourselves visible, because what is not named does not exist and what is not is inaccessible. rights“, Notes.

In this sense, he comments that he has discovered a difficulty for people who suffer from it visual impairments Recognize the neutral term non-binary people recognize, as they generally have difficulty recognizing x in written texts NS audio.

From this perspective, it is expected that after adding the “X” section in the passport and starting to offer this option from the following year, the US authorities will not hesitate to go to the LGBT community throughout their territory, in order to find out the opinion with Notes which they were able to realize from their place.

Non-binary passport, part of the progressive agenda

Since January 21, the United States has reflected change, as well as political and social change, because with the advent of Joe Biden to me White House The promotion of action plans has begun For everyone, focusing mainly on the LGBT community.

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One of those starting points was that everything government departments They will respect the rights of the people who make up the community, and they will in turn report to the president to see what they can focus on from the different areas.

In this sense, teacher Raquel Said, a specialist in politics and media in the United States and an academic at the University of Iberoamericana, points out that licensing passport For non-binary people, it was expected, as it was part of progressive agenda led by Joe Biden and his party through Presidential election campaign.

Given this, the teacher assures that this delegation will undoubtedly generate positive points for Democratic management Which can also earn you political preferences When seeking to promote action among legislators.

On the other hand, she points out that by approving the passport for non-binary people, the United States can encourage other countries to make the same decision in gradualTaking into account that it is a reference, in addition to being a democratic and cultural reference.

The United States is a pioneer in starting the new trends. We know that democratic issues come from there too cultural (…) In addition, it is interesting that countries such as Canada, New Zealand and India already have it, and this is where we must ask ourselves: and will we not someday have it, being a country with our own characteristics? “, Highlights.

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