The Terrifying Adventures of Sabrina 4: A Review of Netflix

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Sabrina Spellman just 3 years after her return to broadcast, with a reboot created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (who is also the cartoonist on whom the series is based), permanently salutes fans. Sabrina’s Scary Adventures 4In fact, it’s the season that ended the cycle that started in 2018 on Netflix. In these new eight seasons, the teenage witch played by Kiernan Shipka confronts new demons and evil creatures, and bids fans farewell with a choppy season, with an awfully awkward and hasty ending.

The Terrifying Adventures of Sabrina 4: Plot

The Terrifying Adventures of Sabrina 4

At the end of Part Three, the protagonist splits: Sabrina remains the Morning Star in the Underworld, along with Caleb and Lucifer, and Sabrina returns to a mere mortal world to attend Baxter High School and the Academy of Dark Arts. Reverend Lovecraft (formerly Father Blackwood) soon upsets the balance that is restored in the Season 3 finale, with his mysterious and dangerous possession. Episode after episode, Blackwood searches for new power with the Church of the Night Pilgrims, unleashing the evil horrors of Eldrich, sinister entities that aspire to destroy Sabrina and her world. The Little Witch defeats one by one the demons that persecute her and her loved ones, thanks to her intelligence and willpower and also thanks to the Cult of Hecate, a group created by Aunt Zelda and founded exclusively on the power of female pain. But soon mortal Sabrina will realize that the true power to defeat the Void, the strongest of Lovecraft’s horrors, lies in duality and in the use of her weakness.

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The atmosphere is compelling, but the plot is harsh and confusing

The Terrifying Adventures of Sabrina 4

The somewhat boozy and romantic horror magic of Sabrina Spellman’s world, on the one hand, is powerful and appreciated, thanks to its photography and direction, who always adopt dark colors and distorted shots to perfectly match the teen horror genre; On the other hand, it gets lost quickly due to an unattractive and repetitive scenario, which alternates with a hasty short story and a rough horizontal one that fails to tie together all of the intrigues that were set in previous seasons.

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As always, terrifying horrors and teenage turmoil run in parallel, in a metaphor that is clear and even tangible in its simplicity. Every horror represents the growth path, with all of the associated worries and anxieties, for the sixteen-year-old: loneliness, solidarity, diversity, free will, and a sense of the future are some of the topics Sabrina has to deal with. The big problem with the TV series, however, is the proximity of positions and in the chorus of characters losing their power. The situations that have been established, and many of the personalities involved, fail to breathe properly and this is a real shame, everyone has great potential. From the most romantic part, even those where occult and occult are organized, you can perceive a feeling of imperfection. Details get lost and character characterizations give way to superficiality, starting with Aunts Sabrina, Zelda and Hilda, two great characters who have been relegated to simple actors.

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Terrifying demons and bloody details deserve appreciation

a Sabrina’s Scary Adventures 4 However, we can ascribe a small goal: some staged demons are really annoying, for example faceless miners or the unwanted guest, but also many horror details, more than previous seasons, satisfy and satisfy the genre. In this, the teen series is even more daring and contributes to creating a dark atmosphere that nevertheless remains in the background.

Sabrina’s Scary Adventures 4Episode 7 is the gem, but it ends with banality

Serial meta-ring Eternal It is a precursor to the end: here Sabrina must experience emptiness and eternity that are the same, inconsistent with the immutable nature of things and the acceptance that she can end suddenly, even if they think she deserves more time. While she is in the set of her own life, which coincides with the life of the sitcom, which is linked to the life of the nineties always inspired by the Archiecomics of the comic, the girl will try in every way to defeat evil by heading towards an end that defines an epic, very confusing.

Funny cameo of Caroline Rea and Pete Broderick, Aunts Zelda and Hilda from the show Sabrina – Enchanted, But above all, thank the authors for reuniting with the most nostalgic of them, even if only for a little while, with the much-loved cat Salem in a disheveled and modern version (how much did you miss this satirical crime?).

Between ups and downs, the Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa show has come to an end

Withdraw a final amount, The Terrifying Adventures of Sabrina It is a respected and hated TV series at alternating points. Bold a return to ’90s and teen horror with a vintage flavor, but very stereotypical and impulsive to write characters. The Roberto-Aguirre-Sacasa show could have dared more, perhaps working as well as the TV series did at the time Buffy – the killer vampire, Where the teen theme perfectly matched the highly compelling horror fairy tale. It should be borne in mind that this fourth part was also a victim of the series’s sudden cancellation: with so few episodes available, would the series have come out better? Was there time to think about an end that puts an end to activated narration lines, but wouldn’t it leave fans unhappy? We may never find out, but we can feel comfortable about it Sabrina’s Scary Adventures 4 It’s not the first show suddenly snapped by Netflix after unsatisfactory reviews (it reminds you of something Sense 8 a glow?) And leave the viewers angry and disappointed.

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