First flight date on June 1, live, couples, who they are, age

The date for the first cruise continues tonight, June 1, in real time. The journey of the protagonists through the sea continues with new surprises.

At present Tonight, June 1, 2021, the third episode of the reality show will be broadcast First date for the cruise. Flavio Montrucchio Drive it Role From the dispatch dedicated to Blind dates between complete strangers.

New Singles Then They Get A ‘Love Boat’ First date for cruises With some of the participants in the first and second episodes still not satisfied.

So, they’re sharing tonight Mario and Manuela (brother and sister); Then Samantha, Mario, Francesco and Monica. will succeed Silvia, in his fourth participation in coordinating a primo date, to crown his dream and find a soul mate?

Episodes of the first edition of First date for the cruise They are also visible through the streaming service Discover +.

First cruise date June 1st, livestream

The first new entrants on board: Mario and Manuela. “I’ve been single for ten years.” Mario tells. “Eh, a latin lover, very demanding. Match the watch strap to the sock” Manuela jokes.

Then come again Mario, which deals with trade and distribution Seeds. “I don’t know why I’m still single. Not by choice, love is a moment. If you meet someone you love, it doesn’t mean you’re denying yourself. Whoever says otherwise is lying.” Mario says confidently. Who, then, admits to being ‘a lot of talkers’.

then touch a Monica, 48 years old, judicial officer. “I hide a dark, dark side. I experience many intimate and introspective moments. I believe in reincarnation, I have no doubts” Says Monica. “For example, I’m reliving the experiences of my past life. I was a dancer in the 1800’s. With a second job…fun” Let her continue.

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salt too Samantha, 33 years. “I have a lot of suitors, I put men in line. I love sexy clothes.” admits.

Finally, we talk about Fabrizio and Annalisa, heroes of the first episode of the show. after a hot start, The relationship between the two ended for nothing. Today they meet again in the pond. But once you get to the aquarium, Fabrizio noticed that Annalisa was flirting with another man رجل. ‘I felt uncomfortable’ I acknowledge Analisa.

First cruise date June 1st, dates start

The first to arrive at a restaurant First date for cruise is FrancescoAnother new passenger on a cruise. Francesco He is a very spiritual and positive DJ. Also firmly believed, like ، Monica, in reincarnation. And in fact, she came to dine with him, Monica. “I would like someone who has nothing to do with my past life: I’m done with those” Dice Monica.

The conversation at their table takes place quickly. immediately The two share moments of intimacyAnd they tell each other Stories of their past relationships علاقات. “I am an emotional person Dice Monica.

Unrestricted SamanthaInstead, she is ready to dine with him Mario, brother Manuela. At least the complicity between the two seems clear.

Then Mario II, the seed producer, also arrived. dinner with him Manuelaother sister أخت Mario. “I would like someone pure, a black-haired boy with dark eyes. I really like being cared for, and treated like a princess.” Hey Manuelanor monday Mario they know the friendship Who was born before dinner Between Mario and Mario. “slaughterhouse. We’re on top, Mario.” The leader of the orchestra is joking Montruchio.

The sensitive situation between Fabrizio and Annalisa

For Fabrizio and Annalisa, things don’t seem to be going well. Fabrizio confesses to captain Monrocchio Which – which “Annalisa has started flirting with another guy. I’m not possessive, but I’m jealous yeah” He claims. “I have serious intentions, I would like to continue our relationship. But it is difficult” Let her continue. in the end, Montrucchio advised him not to give up, And give her everything you have.

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While that, Monica and Francesco They talk about their past life and their present life. Monica was touched by her worst moment: the operation she underwent to recover from breast cancer. Today the event passed, Which, however, distinguished her deeply.

Meanwhile, dinner continues. Mario and Samantha Proceed to charge at a lower speed, but still ok Mario and Manuela. However, when Mario discovers his kinship with Manuela’s other brother Mario, The conversation becomes one-dimensional.

dinner between Samantha e MarioMeanwhile, it ends. Tonight is Mario’s sister Manuela’s birthday. Once out of the room, Samantha and Mario entered the cabin Mario To prepare for a surprise Manuela. While they wait, however, Further consolidation of the relationship Already started in the local with best wishes. “He found the woman of his life He claims Samantha Mario. Ultimately, the two kiss tenderly.

Manuela’s surprise party

The dinner is over between Manuela and Mario. “Maybe there was a spark” Dice Manuela. Mario, however, Differs. “I don’t even want to continue dating. Nothing has been clicked.” tell the cameras.

However, Mario (set manuela) Until now He didn’t find any reason to tell Manuela or the other Mario. So in the end ManuelaAnd the SamanthaAnd the Mario e … Mario (brother ManuelaFor convenience, we will call him from now on Mario 2) They’re in a booth to celebrate Manuela. Mario is having a hard time.

Mario calls Mario 2 separately, to admit that he will tell Manuela “Nothing has been clicked”. Mario 2 asks Mario to be honest with Manuela. And Mario by virtue of the friendship that was bornHe tells him that he will be honest with his sister. In the end, it is not without difficulty, it delivers on its promise. And gently “load” Manuela.

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Until dinner between them Monica and Fabrizio It came to an end. They both agree: They want to know more about each other.

Meanwhile, veteran Silvia He’s still waiting his turn to attend an appointment.

Closing appointments

Difficulties continue between Fabrizio and Annalisa. Fabrizio He’s convinced there might be something more between them, but Annalisa cools her enthusiasm حماس. “You make inappropriate jokes, there is nothing between us; if something had to exist, it would already be.”. The two are taking their leave forever. “I think it’s time to move on to other people” Conclude Analisa.

Looks like Fabrizio takes it well: “He gave me the freedom to act with the other girls. I already threw some pebbles.” Fabrizio concludes.

Monica and FrancescoInstead, they are interconnecting more and more. “You are a part of my birth. I am done with the past, now I would like to start over with you” Dice Monica he moved. Their sea voyage continues.

Mario 2 and Samantha also get to know each other better.

Mario and Manuela, however, did not elaborate. Manuela attributes part of the blame for the failed date to her brother Mario.

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