The Swiss Confederation announces the death of its former coach after eight months | Swiss

The Swiss Football Association (ASF) reports that the former Swiss coach Roger Funlanthin He passed away eight months ago, in July 2020, and he was not aware of him until Monday.

“Swiss football is in mourning again. It mourns the death of one of its best players, Roger Funlanthin. The former Swiss coach died in July in Onyx at the age of 89, in silence that lasted until his last game. Breathe,” he points out. ASF.

FunlanthinRemember ASFHe was one of the few Swiss players to play abroad in the 1950s Inter de Milan In 1955, a year after the World Cup he was part of the Swiss national team. After two seasons at Inter, he was transferred to Alexandria The Italian before returning to Switzerland, Lausanne Sports and Servette.

“His past as a player and his coaching career, which was influenced above all by the colossal saga“ Lords of the Night ”with Lausanne-Sports between 1967 and 1972, almost naturally led him to take over the leadership of the Swiss national team in January 1977, the Federation adds.

He was fired after an expected failure in the preliminary round of the 1980 European CupThat faced Switzerland Germany, the Netherlands and Poland.

“In the face of the feud of the German press, who soon forgot his glorious past at Grasshoppers between 1951 and 1955, Roger Funlanthin preferred to move away from high-level football and keep his specialist advice for the club that is gone. In the work of his heart, CS Chênois,” he adds.

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Roger Funlanthin He was the last survivor of the Swiss national team to play the 1954 World Cup quarter-final match in Lausanne, where they lost 7-5 to Austria. EFE

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