Long-haul aircraft to Spain and Portugal?

Because Spain and Portugal are not on the Swiss countries at risk list, Switzerland has received five times as much reservation requests than before. Now we see how we can improve the display better.

As we announced yesterday, Switzerland’s capacity has increased in response to rapid demand for flights to Spain and Portugal. This isn’t the number one airline: Ryanair, DUI, Condor and Lufthansa have also increased their offerings. But in Switzerland they don’t want to offer more flights and they also want to use a bigger plane if needed. Passengers will soon be able to fly to European holiday destinations on long haul flights. We saw again what this meant.

Are you on vacation aboard an Airbus A330, A340 or Boeing 777?

If you normally book a flight from Switzerland to Spain or Portugal, you will likely fly an Airbus A320 or A220. With demand spontaneously increasing, the Swiss are now planning to use another aircraft in addition to increasing frequencies. First of all, the slightly larger short-haul Airbus A321, which can hold up to 219 passengers, is questioned. So far, there is no news from the company special. Even so, the exciting thing is that the Swiss are exploring whether they can be used if long trips are allowed. Of course, other factors also play a role in decision making. Airports in Spain and Portugal should, of course, be able to handle large machines and have a machine-trained team.

The associated aircraft are definitely non-existent as they are more likely to be on the ground than in the air due to its extremely thin long-range flight plan.

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If one decides to use a long haul aircraft, it will be unexpectedly upgraded for business class passengers. Business class complete Average. On trips lasting around two hours, guests can take advantage of seats, which convert into fully flat beds. The service will only last on short trips and, of course, will not be comparable to long haul flights. However, the short trip and the start of the vacation won’t be very enjoyable.

This is not the first time with a long-range jet plane on a short-haul road.

Although this measure is currently being verified, it cannot be ruled out that the large marine aircraft will soon be used on vacation itineraries. This is not the first time that the Swiss have used their aircraft in this way. In October last year, the Swiss Airbus A330 or A340 aircraft flew several times a week between Zurich and London. However, the main argument is the high demand for inventory.

Swiss plane A340

In the past, other airlines have repeatedly relied on long-haul aircraft for short-haul routes. On the Madrid-Frankfurt route, LATAM relied on a Boeing 787 for many years and operated Finnare’s A350 on the London-Helsinki route prior to the outbreak.

Resolution on the use of long-haul jet aircraft on short-haul routes

Some Easter travelers will be pleasantly surprised while traveling on a long-haul plane from Zurich to Spain or Portugal in the next few days; This is definitely possible. However, the Swiss will certainly study how profitable the use of large machines is. Above all, despite ending the duty of isolation, the situation remains very precarious and in recent weeks there has been a rapid increase in recorded epidemics. Of the request.

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