The surprising Smith slams a one-sided story about his arrest for beating a Disney employee


Pretty Ricky star is taking to Instagram Story to process reports of his arrest for allegedly hitting a Walt Disney World cast member twice after refusing to leave a line.

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just awesome Smith defended himself after reports of his arrest for beating a Disney employee. Member of the hip hop band Beautiful Ricky A social media entrepreneur released a statement on his Instagram Stories website on Tuesday, December 1, and criticized the media for their one-sided story on the issue.

He opened his statement: “The more successful you are as a black man, the greater your target.” The 35-year-old, accusing the press of unfair coverage, claimed that “the media will present a one-sided story even without facts, because they enjoy distorting our culture and dropping us. It is sad.”

He went on to present his case, “However, when you know your rights, you know that you have the right to remain silent and the right to have a lawyer present before making his statement. In doing so, there are two sides to every story and since then this story is bigger than me and my skin tone, I’ll wait until the attorney gives the spotlight. the green “. He concluded his statement, “Thank you for your support. Love. Note: You all know my personality.”

Spectacular was arrested on Sunday, November 29 after allegations of assaulting a member of the cast at Walt Disney World who asked him to stop joking about COVID-19. According to an arrest certificate from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, founder of Mola Music Group was entering a horse-riding queue in the resort’s animal kingdom when he passed by an employee pretending to sneeze and saying “Corona Virus”.

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The employee reportedly told Spectacular that his ban was not funny, but the precedent.Love and Hip-Hop: Miami“The star responded,” I thought it was. Then the employee asked Spectacular to leave the line, saying, “Then you’ll think it’s funny, if I ask you to get off the line. ”

Allegedly, Spectacular refused to leave the streak and the two engaged in an argument for a few moments before the employee placed an arm to block the Spectacular pathway. The star then “turned around and punched his right jaw and right temple area,” leaving the employee stumbling and possibly unconscious. He was taken to Horizon West Hospital and was diagnosed with a concussion after undergoing a CT scan.

Spectacular was held in Orange County Jail and charged with a misdemeanor battery. Released after depositing a $ 500 bond. He is due to hold a hearing in January.

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