Dave Chappelle praises Netflix for agreeing to remove the old Sketch show

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The stand-up comedian explains that he was “unpaid” for co-creating, starring and executive production for The Chappelle Show after leaving Comedy Central due to creative differences.

Ice Showbiz – Netflix heads have pulled all episodes Dave ChappelleAn old schematic presentation from a streaming service based on a funny request.

“Chappelle’s Show,” which originally aired on the US cable network Comedy Central from 2003 to 2006, was recently available for Netflix subscribers to watch, but the sectarian comedy series disappeared from the platform Monday night (November 23) – and on Tuesday morning Chappelle explained why.

He shared a video from a recent stand-up party on Instagram, explaining how he was “unpaid” for co-creating, acting and executive production of his show after leaving ViacomCBS’s owned network due to creative differences.

Chappelle insists that non-payment was legal because it was part of a contract he signed when he was a desperate young comedian with a baby on the way, but he still feels upset about the downfall, especially as TV executives continue to capitalize on his popularity with unconfirmed licensing deals Exclusives – like the one they agreed on with Netflix actors.

However, when he found out that “Chappelle’s Show” was on Netflix, the platform he had recently worked with for three lucrative private standup shows, he took up the issue with the company executives, explaining how he’s not earning any royalties – and they agreed to get rid of the “Stolen” series.

In an Instagram clip, titled “Unforgiven,” he told the audience, “That’s why I love working at Netflix. I love working at Netflix because when all this bad thing happened to me, that company just wasn’t there. And when I found out that they were streaming the Chappelle Show, I was angry … how do they not know? ”

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“Do you know what I did? I called them and told them it makes me feel bad. And you want to know what they did? They agreed that they would remove it from their platform just so I could feel better. That’s why I’m with Netflix. Because they paid me my money, they do what they say They will, and they’ve gone further than you would expect from a businessman. ”

He added, “They did something just because they thought I might think they were wrong.” “And I do – I think if you are streaming online that shows that you are fencing stolen goods.”

Although “Chappelle’s Show” is no longer available on Netflix, it remains available on Comedy Central and CBS All Access, in addition to HBO Max.

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