The study finds that less than 10 percent of Americans have antibodies to Covid-19

The rise in these neighborhoods amounts to the first major virus challenge for the city after months of low or steady numbers. The concern now is that if the outbreak spreads in the Orthodox community, it may start spreading elsewhere, with more serious consequences. If the city’s overall positivity rate reaches 3 percent, it will lead to a new closure, including the closure of public schools.

Visits to Boro Park showed how the rules are often ignored. The outbreak devastated the Orthodox Jewish community in New York in March and April, but this week, there was no face mask in sight, as if the epidemic had never happened.

In other US news:

  • In the countryside MinnesotaAnd the Coronavirus scan has been stopped After multiple recurrences, the state health department said residents were “intimidating and shouting racial and ethnic insults” at home-to-home workers. The state reported nearly 900 cases per day on average over the past week. According to the New York Times Database.

  • Join a growing number of colleges that have taken disciplinary action against Greek organizations that violate sanitary rules, Indiana University The brothers were forced to close over the next summer because they held a major event in which people did not wear face masks or social distancing. Alpha Epsilon Pi has agreed to close its Bloomington campus.

  • Two of the former leaders prof Massachusetts Veterans home has been charged Charges of criminal negligence The State Prosecutor said on Friday, in connection with the death of Corona virus of at least 76 people in the facility. Bennett Walsh, 50, and Dr. David Clinton, 71, were indicted Thursday by a state grand jury on charges related to their work at the Hollywood Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Each man is charged with five counts, and the specific charges for caregivers who allow or “arbitrarily or recklessly” bodily injury and harm, neglect or abuse an elderly or disabled person.

  • Jurisdiction US stock indices Everyone rose on Friday, but the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average were still posting losses for the fourth week in a row. The Dow Jones index closed up 1.34% on the day, but fell 1.8% during the week, and the S&P 500 ended 1.6% higher, but with a loss of 0.6% for the week. The Nasdaq index, which rose 2.26 percent on Friday, rose 1.1 percent over the course of the week after ending the previous three weeks with declines.

  • Governor Ralph Northam Virginia On Friday, he said that he and his wife, Pamela Northam, had tested positive for the virus. Northam, a Democrat, said he was feeling better while his wife had mild symptoms. Missouri Republican Gov. Mike Parson announced on Thursday that he and his wife Teresa have tested positive for the virus. Oklahoma Gov. Kevin State, who is also a Republican, The virus has been touched In July.

  • Federal judge banned Trump administration From ending Census 2020 A month agoThe latest development in the years of political and legal warfare around a disputed population that has been delayed by several months due to the pandemic. In the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, Judge Lucy H. skylight Issue a preliminary injunction On Friday, the administration was prevented from ending the count by September 30, a month before the October 31 end date.

  • in a Boulder, Colo. , Public Health officials banned social gatherings of any size and issued a “stay at home” order for all people between the ages of 18 and 22. The measure attributed the recent increase in cases to the reopening of the University of Boulder campus at the University of Colorado on August 24, indicating that 78 percent of new cases of the virus in the county were among that age group. Authorization It will remain in effect until at least October 8th.

  • Less than a week before indoor dining resumed in New York City, Mayor de Blasio said the city is Al fresco dining program It will become permanent throughout the year. The mayor said restaurants would have the option to enclose their outdoor areas, but if they did, they would have to adhere to indoor dining restrictions of 25 percent of capacity.

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