WhatsApp responds to displacement of users to Telegram and Signal: “We can see neither your messages nor Facebook”

The WhatsApp Pronounced in the middle of a Users migrate to its competitors Telegram and to a lesser extent Signal for them New terms and privacy policies Which will rule from February 8th.

Messaging application Posted in his account Twitter: “We want to address some of the rumors and be 100% clear: We continue to protect your private messages through end-to-end encryption.”

The WhatsApp Share a picture stating:

The WhatsApp It is not possible to see your private messages or listen to your calls either The social networking site Facebook.

The WhatsApp It keeps no logs of who calls or sends text messages.

The WhatsApp Your shared location or The social networking site Facebook.

– Groups The WhatsApp They are kept private.

– You can make your messages disappear.

You can download your data.

What do the new WhatsApp policies state?

It is true The WhatsApp Ni The social networking site Facebook They will be able to read private messages according to the new terms, but data such as contact list, location (differs from the real-time location shared with other users), in-app purchases, usage data, and other metadata can be shared with The social networking site Facebook For commercial purposes.

You can check New WhatsApp Terms of Service And the New Privacy Policy Powered by WhatsApp.

What data do Telegram and Signal collect?

My competitors The WhatsApp They have a more special experience.

cable It collects contact information (phone number), contacts, and device ID. In case Signal, Just collect the phone number and you have plans Contacts can be added without knowing their number.

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