OnePlus’ Oxygen 11 Launcher can now be installed on select Android 10 devices

OnePlus was previously known for providing quick updates. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. As its product offerings grow, the brand provides more incremental updates. As a result, in the case of security patches, their devices are now out of date. The company also did not present the current situation Android 11 Update for the 2019 flagship, but before that, the company has been updated S11 oxygenOnePlus Launcher to run on old devices.

Oxygen 11 Latest version OnePlus“ A mobile operating system based on Android 11, that comes with a newly designed user interface similar to SamsungUser interface. Also, the stock trigger gets an optical fix.

This new launcher is only available for OnePlus smartphones with OxygenS11 OnePlus 8And the OnePlus 8 ProAnd and OnePlus 8. However, the brand has introduced the new version on the Play Store with a new version updated with 5..x no more

The new update adds support for OnePlus phones Oxygen 10 (Android 10). However, for some reason, this is not supported for the brand’s budget devices – OnePlus N10 5G And the OnePlus N100. However, a company spokesperson confirmed the matter Android Police The launcher will be available this weekend for these two devices.

This means that only the following OnePlus smartphone users can install the latest OnePlus Launcher version. Google Play Store.

Finally, as new features, the refreshed OnePlus launch brings redesigned OnePas shelves, Google Discover integration, new quick search gestures and more.


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