The show is not to be missed with Free Netflix

It is always especially important to the most important telephone company in Italy Tim TV entertainment. In fact, there may soon be an official showing with DAZN regarding the upcoming Italian Serie A sports season. In addition to this type of event, the operator will also try to expand the audience associated with his personal platform. TIMvision. Let’s find out more about it below.

TIM: This is the platform show with Netflix

Speaking of TIMvision, this is a very important opportunity for all TIM clients. Indeed, in combination with a TV broadcast ticket, it is now possible to do this Accessing titles from the Netflix catalog. TIM has already introduced the show to the public Mondo NetflixIt is definitely an opportunity not to be missed.

All clients who activate the Mondo Netflix monthly package will have some sort of Dual subscription. In fact, on the one hand, subscribers will be able to access all TIMvision contents, and on the other hand they will be able to access Netflix contents. On the California platform, TIM subscribers will have free access to all addresses in the catalog. This will be the monthly subscription cost 12.99 euros.

It’s definitely a useful offer for all TIM customers, but it doesn’t seem like the only one: in fact, TIM also has a tariff as far as Disney +. For the aforementioned service, subscribers will have to go and pay a monthly cost of 7.99 euros, As it does for Netflix, all official titles of the platform in addition to those of TIMvision will be available. An opportunity not to be missed then.

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