Netflix offers Tudum, not to be confused with TUDUM

A few months ago, Netflix launched TUDUM, a global streaming event that was “received with great enthusiasm”. Today the company dusts off the same name, without capital letters: todom It’s actually a new site, where you can learn more about movies and shows on the streaming service.

At the moment, the site is just getting started, and entirely in English (and we’re not even sure that this will change in the near future), but over time you’ll find more and more content, in particular:

  • exclusive wallpaper: Renewing (or not renewing) TV series, release dates and more

  • ideas: Is the show XXX based on a true story? What does this strange word mean? Where have you seen the actor in that movie before? Answer these and other painful questions.

  • Fun beyond history: Where can I find a suit squid game? What songs are on the soundtrack for The hardest they fell? How do I re-create a file offshore banks? Tips and tricks For real fans.

And you already have experience a personality Try logging in to Tudum with Your Netflix account, so that the contents are tailored to you. todom is make your eyes on, awaiting future developments (and hopefully “slashes”).

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