The shocking images of Australia’s worst rat infection in decades

Some rural communities in the Australian state of New South Wales Suffering from the worst rat plague in decades After a copious harvest of grains, locals said.

A video obtained by Reuters showed thousands of small rodents circling a farm in the city of Geljandra.

“At night, the earth moves with thousands and thousands of mice rotating around,” farmer Ron McKay told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Supermarkets Store food in airtight containers And at least Three patients at a local hospital were bitten by miceThe station said.

Intensive bait programs have not yet achieved much success in controlling the infection (Photo: Reuters)

“You can imagine that every time you open a closet, and every time you go to the pantry, there are rats,” said Steve Henry, a rodent expert.

They eat from your containers, spoil your clean bed in your closet, and run around your bed at night. “.

Farmers who made hay bales for the winter hope to lose a lot to the rapidly breeding rodents. Local media reported that just one pair of mice can produce up to an average of 500 puppies in a single season.

The extensive baiting programs have so far had little success against the infestation, which locals are hoping it will Heavy rain drowned the mice in their holes.

Australian Open scandal: Number denounced the rat infestation in the hotel as they were quarantined

In January Australian Open That became news around the world as a result of the various scandals that arose about the players who traveled to start the training sessions scheduled for this tournament. However, the biggest conflict concerns the mandatory isolation of the many athletes who have traveled in airplanes where cases of coronavirus have been recorded. A new scandal was added to it: A tennis player reported having a rat infestation at the hotel They focus on and share multiple videos.

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The 28th world number one, Yulia Puttentseva, issued alerts when they were posted on her account Twitter A movie in which he saw a rodent in his room with a complaint: “I was trying to change rooms for two hours! No one came to help because of the quarantine.”

Although she managed to get them to relocate, the situation did not improve and she shared another video where a mouse was seen in the hotel: “Different room, same story! I wanted to sleep, but no. “. Minutes later, he imagines another animal in his room: “There are really a lot of them! It’s not even a room in my room now.”

The case gained national significance and the response from Australia did not take long to reach cross-accusations. The Minister of Emergency Services From Victoria, Lisa Neville confirmed that some players fed rodents without mentioning Pottseva but with a clear reference to it.

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