The ship that blocked the Suez Canal is also in Microsoft Flight Simulator and it’s a realistic scene – Živě.cz

In addition to the official “World Update” packages, Microsoft Flight Simulator can also be expanded with “Mods”. An enthusiast added to the game the container ship “Evergiven”, which closed the Suez Canal for about a week.

User working under the alias donut_enforcement, It was published on the social network TikTok Video from MS Flight Simulator, in which a small passenger plane flies over the criminal area. The comment imitates a pilot alerting passengers to the Suez Canal on the left and a stranded ship: “It looks like they have a big problem!” This is followed by a journey around a very realistic model.

Video Shared by Mat Velloso Technical Advisor to Microsoft CEO Satayi Nadella:

The scenery looks surprisingly realistic, which is a testament to the model quality, visual capabilities, and customization options of Microsoft’s latest Flight Simulator. Unfortunately, the mod is not available to the public, so there is no way to try it with your own eyes (according to the information I know, if I’m wrong, I would be happy to fix it in the discussion).

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