The pilot melts his drone and gets a brutal photo of lava from a volcano in Iceland.

In an age of drones and other cool machines available in people’s hands, the challenge of photographing volcano activity has almost become an obsession. So, as we have seen, incredible photos were taken of the volcano in southwest Iceland, on the Reykjanes Peninsula. A photographer wanted to accomplish something he had never done and launched his drone into the volcano to capture the moment when the lava melted the machine.

Garðar Ólafs wanted to capture as close as conditions would allow and the photos were really impressive.

Filming the bowels of the volcano with a drone

Recently, a drone took some unusual pictures when looking directly at an eruption in Iceland. As we can see, photographer Garsar Alaves flew his camera so close to the heat that the lava when it was expelled caused damage to the drone. However, only when the drone reached its starting point did the photographer noticed that the machine had partially melted.

The video below shows some amazing photos and sound of a volcanic eruption occurring near a flat mountain called Fagradalsfjall, about 24 kilometers southwest of Iceland's capital, Reykjavik. The sound the volcano makes is breathtaking.

Olaf was lucky not to completely lose his DJI drone, and the footage he shot made the perilous flight worthwhile.

I was flying my drone around the eruption and decided it would be nice to see it from above. I slowly lowered the drone until all I could see was a lava eruption, and when I looked up, I didn't see the drone anymore. Basically, I was inside a crater.

Explain Alafs à Betapixel.

About to lose the drone

Realizing that the drone might not last longer if it stayed in this position, thousands quickly flew out of harm's way and returned to its starting point.

The images also show, upon checking the device after the flight, the Icelandic resident, who sells drone footage and footage via his website, said the heat of the volcano melted the light at the bottom of the plane and also damaged its obstacles. Prophylaxis sensors.

With this damage, the drone ceased to fly in good condition, the sensors were damaged and the navigation system consistently gives error alerts during flights.

Olafs, who lives near the volcano in the Rikanes region, felt compelled to fly his drone over the eruption to capture some dramatic pictures of the unusual natural wonders.

It feels special to have an erupting volcano 15 minutes away from my house.

Rikkians have always been an understated part of Iceland, but today is perhaps the most famous, funny part of how things can change overnight.

Elvis wrote in a message on his Instagram account.

So, with photos so easy to take today, there's a little bit of everything about the event, from smartphones, professional cameras, and drones. Therefore, absolutely nothing will be left undocumented.

Great pictures of the volcano

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