Kempten area: multiple collisions from behind with injuries

In Kempten and Waltenhofen, Kempten traffic police patrols had to record several rear collisions, which also resulted in injuries and property damage totaling around € 36,000.

Three vehicles involved in an accident in Kampten
On Friday afternoon, March 26, 2021, two of the car’s occupants were slightly injured in a traffic accident for three vehicles. The accident occurred when two cars, a truck group and a trailer were driving along Diesel Street. The driver of the first car pressed the brakes before the fork in the Rederao to turn there. The next driver also brake to a standstill. The truck driver responded too late and pushed the cars towards each other. The two occupants of the middle car were slightly injured. The total property damage is around € 14,000. Vehicles remained ready to drive.

Three wounded near Waltenhoven
On Saturday morning, March 27, 2021, three people were injured in a rear-end collision. Two cars were traveling on Federal Highway 19 in the direction of Campten when the driver of the first car brake the Lanzen Junction because the traffic light had turned from green to yellow. The next driver of the car drove the first car without curbing, and the two drivers and one of the passengers in the first car were taken to hospital with minor injuries. The passengers of the person who caused the accident were not injured. The cars had to be towed away. The police estimate the total property damage at € 20,000.

Rear collision in Campten
Two drivers were injured in Adnauerung at noon on Sunday, March 28, 2021.
The cars were heading towards Berliner Platz when the car in front of you shifted to Stiftskellerweg. Since a pedestrian crossed the Stiftskellerweg, the woman had to slow down even more. The driver behind the car realized the parking too late and opened the door. The two drivers came to the hospital with minor injuries. The passenger in the first car was uninjured. The car of the person who caused the accident was towed over. A total of € 2,000 in property damage was incurred in this accident.

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