The Sandinista Front will register its alliance for the elections in Nicaragua – Prensa Latina

This was reported to the media by Representative Edwin Castro, head of the FSLN office in the National Assembly (parliament) and the legal representative of the Red and Black Force.

Wednesday is the deadline for political parties to register their alliances with the Supreme Council for Elections (CSE), according to the electoral process schedule approved by that authority in the country.

The Nicaraguan Triunfa United Alliance consists of nine parties, six political movements, four social movements and two personalities.

Together with the FSLN, the electoral charter consists of liberal nationalism, Christian unity, the alternative for change, the Nicaraguan resistance, the Nicaraguan Christian way, the multi-ethnic indigenous population, the liberal autonomy, and the Yapti Tasba Masraka Raya Nani Myatamaran and Movement (PAL).

To which they would add their powers: the movements above the republic, the Nicaraguan resistance alliance, the evangelicals of the affinity, the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean coast, the liberal constitutionalists of the affinity party, the popular social Christians, the liberal constitutional independent movement (MLCI).

The personalities section includes Jaime Morales Carrazzo, Vice President of the Republic (2007-2012) and Jose Antonio Alvarado, former minister and former president of the Central American Parliament.

Congressman Wilfredo Navarro, president of the movement, told a local radio station that the parties forming this alliance were prepared and pre-trained for the entire electoral process, unlike what the opposition had done completely.

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