The roof structure is completely destroyed: a fire in Waldkribburg keeps emergency services at a standstill

When the fire brigade arrived, the fire had already spread to the roof of the house.

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A fire in the early morning hours yesterday destroyed parts of a one-family home on the Enzianstrasse in Waldkraiburg. The homeowner does not believe in a technical flaw. Because in just four months, the fire is the second fire on one of his properties.

Waldkribburg – No one was injured in a devastating house fire in Valdkriborg, the damage is in a low six-digit range, police said. Kripo Mühldorf took over the investigation.

Several emergency calls arrived at the Integrated Control Center around 4 am on Thursday. Neighbors had noticed the fire in the family home and made an emergency call. “The stretch is burning and the fire threatens to spread to the roof structure“That was the alarm bell for the Waldeckryburg fire brigade, explains Commander Bernhard Witzie. But when the emergency services reached Enzianstrasse, it really happened: the roof structure was on fire.” The roof structure could no longer be maintained. The roof structure was on fire. Indeed, however, the 30 emergency services quickly brought the fire under control, and the fire was extinguished around 6 a.m.

Multiple emergency calls at 4 am.

The resident of the house, Johan Schödel, managed to escape into the open air. As reported by his son Andreas that afternoon, the father was awakened by a noise. But he did not achieve. After about half an hour, the flames would wake him up again. He managed to leave the house in time, and the 79-year-old was not injured. My apartment and office were particularly damaged by the fire.

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“Fortunately, I wasn’t home that evening,” says Andreas Schödel. The house is temporarily uninhabitable; Father and son are staying with friends at the moment. Andreas Schödel believes it will take at least six months before the two can return to their four walls. Even though his father was stable on his feet, he was still very touched by fire.

The Permanent Detective Service begins investigations

That night, the Criminal Investigation Department in Traunstein began an investigation. This is carried out by the responsible competent commissioner 1 of the Moldovan Criminal Police Station. Damage suspected in the lower six-digit range. The police cannot say anything about the cause of the fire at this time.

A fire in Traunreuter Strasse a few months ago

However, Andreas Schödel does not believe there is a technical malfunction. And coincidences either. Because only about four months ago there was a major fire in the apartment and commercial building of the two on Traunreuter Strasse. The exact cause of the fire cannot be determined.

Firefighters quickly brought the fire under control, but the house is currently uninhabitable. Vape / eat

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The second fire in a few months – nervously exhausting father and son. On the day of the fire on January 7, they testified before the police in Moldorf. Andreas Schödel can only speculate about the cause of the fire: “A technical defect twice in a row? It’s strange.” He was absent from both fires, so he thinks someone has a grudge against their father.

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Crepo Moldorf is looking for witnesses

Potential witnesses who discover suspicious persons or vehicles near the fire site on Enzianstrasse in Waldkraiburg should contact the Mühldorf Police Station at 0 86 31/3 67 30.

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