The release date of the plot and the cast

Resort to Love is a new Netflix romantic comedy that hits the streaming platform on July 29, 2021. The TV series follows the story of Erica, a singer at a luxury resort, whose feelings are divided between her previous relationship and a new love. Let’s find out the plot and the actors together.

resort to love It’s the new TV series NetflixAvailable on the streaming platform from 29 July 2021 It will also be visible in Sky Q e right Now. Singer Christina Milian explain Erica, star of the TV series Resort to Love.

The series revolves around the beautiful beaches of the Red Sea Mauritius, where the protagonist performs in some concerts in luxury resort. His feelings are tested by the performance in which he will have to participate at a given moment: Ex-boyfriend’s wedding.

Resorting to love: la trama

Resorting to Love 2TV series resort to love Tells a story about EricaKantat begins work on a luxury resort located on a tropical island Mauritius. Erica’s career continues for better or worse That is why he performed concerts at the resort.

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One day the hero discovers that she has to sing at her wedding زفاف Ex-boyfriend Jason You will have to make sure that future bride Beverly He does not discover their previous relationship. However, Erica realizes that she still has feelings for her ex-husband but will be the future husband’s brother, calebTo ensure that the wedding is not spoiled. The boy will make sure that the singer understands that he is the right man for her.

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resort to love netflixthe hero of the story Erica played by singer Christina MilianWhile the two brothers Jason e caleb They are respectively interpreted by Jay Pharaoh e Senqua Wallpaper.

The rest of the representatives consist of:

  • Christian Bates;
  • Alexander Hodge;
  • Jeryl Prescott;
  • Karen Obelium;
  • Sylvin Strike ست;
  • TJ Energy;
  • Temperley Hill.
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