Fei Wong’s daughter, Li Yan, deletes all Instagram posts after criticism, entertainment news

Fei Wong's daughter, Li Yan, deletes all Instagram posts after criticism, entertainment news

Li Yan, daughter of former Chinese actor Li Yapeng, 49, and pop singer Fei Wong, 51, fell silent on social media.

The 14-year-old is known to be active on social media, but recently it was found that all her Instagram posts were deleted.

Li Yan has been criticized a lot in the past for flaunting her wealth on social media.

Last year, she read her tongues after attending a private boarding school in Switzerland, which was said to cost more than $ 100,000 ($ 134,000 Singapore dollars) a year for tuition and boarding fees.

Netizens were quick to sift through her fashion choices, as it turned out that her bag, clothes, and sneakers were branded items.

Perhaps aware of the reaction online, Li Yan used a program to erase the trademark name of a handbag she was carrying in a photo posted on social media, where she admitted to fans that it was “difficult” for her.

Even a photo of her with dyed hair has been criticized for being “old fashioned”.

Her Instagram is now clear of any posts, as she wrote in the bio section: “Please put your bias aside before entering.”

Born with a palate cleft, Li Yan has been in the public eye since she was a child.

Her famous parents, now divorced, took Li Yan to the United States for cleft lip surgeries after she was born in 2006.

Lee Wong later set up the Smile Angel Foundation, which is a charity for Chinese children with a cleft palate.

This article was first published in Straits Times. Permission required to reproduce.

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